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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Cherpont is regarded as an intermediate carp fishing lake, however, this by no means makes it a "turn up and catch" a 40-50lb carp with no preparation or forethought as to how you can tackle our carp lake, so in this short blog we hope to be able to guide you through that process.

Large Carp At Cerpont Lake

First things first!

Make sure that you have an up to date passport before booking your trip.

You can travel to France by either ferry Channel crossing or train/tunnel crossing from a few UK destinations (Dover, Newhaven or Portsmouth) travelling to various Ports of mainland France (Calais, Dieppe or Caen). For your travel you will need to know the weight and dimensions of your vehicle as this will determine the cost! We recommend that this part is booked as early as possible.

Large carp at cerpont lake

Ensure that you have at least 45 Euros of cash or a credit card (make sure that your credit/debit card can be used in Europe) for tolls on the way down.

We have recommended over the years that if one person is doing the driving then seriously consider an overnight rest-stop perhaps 2/3 of the way down, this way you will all arrive ready to go.

On arrival check with us whether it's ok to have a walk round the lake. Please be respectful of anglers that are ending their weeks fishing, don't be a nuisance and please be quiet when surveying the Lake, keep an eye on the water for fish shows etc. Ask the owners all the questions you like as they want you to catch fish and they have seen all the results over the years.

Once your swim has been decided by the draw ,set yourself up, bearing in mind your weeks weather, you do not want your bivvy facing into strong winds! Do not set yourself up too close to your rods as you want to be able to cast and not snag that expensive bivvy. Take your time with this as you want to be comfortable for the week.

The ground around the Lake is very firm so if you are thinking banksticks or pod, we would recommend a pod to avoid more noise and not having to bang in them sticks. Remember noise is your enemy for Carp Fishing.

One thing that we often hear is that fishing in France can be daunting due to the size of the lakes, but here at Cherpont Lake you can catch Carp two rod lengths out or a comfortable 50-70 yard range and for the "big chuckers" 100-120 yard range. Again ask the owners if you are unsure what to do, THEY WANT YOU TO CATCH CARP.



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