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A Guide To Carp Fishing In France

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

There are various species and sub species of carp to be found in France, to include Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Koi & Grass Carp.

holding a large carp in france

Here at Cherpont you will find Mirror, Common, Koi and the occasional Ghost Carp. We have produced in the past, carp to 74lbs and an average catch weight through the year of 38lbs. We have a stock of 750-850 carlin 39 acres of water.

Cherpont Lake is a privately owned water that requires no fishing permits.

When preparing for your trip to Cherpont, due to the size of our carp, we recommend that the use of a rod with test curve of 2. 3/4 lb - 3.5lb be used with a nylon mainline of 15-17lbs, hook sizes 4-8 barbless or micro barbed, Boilie as a hook bait with pellet or particle as feed.

When targeting our carp it is worth bearing in mind that we are a predominantly a silt bottomed lake, so a longer hook link, perhaps with a helicopter style rig ensures that you get a good presentation.

Carp fishing in France is not a lot different to UK Carp fishing only that you quarry on average will be a lot bigger , so please be prepared - no one wants to lose “that” fish.

Please also bring with you a carp mat, carp sling and a med kit for the care of the carp.

So …. We hope that you will enjoy your carp fishing in France experience with us and we promise to make it as stress free as possible. Oh yes, and don’t forget your camera, just in case you catch that fish of a life time on your French Carp Trip.

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