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Common Carp caught at Cherpont Lake France

Cherpont Lake Bookings

Regarding making a booking, their are a couple of options.

Individual bookings can be done by firstly contacting us by email, telephone

or face book messenger to confirm that the date you require is available.
Once this has been confirmed we would then require a deposit payment of £200 within10-14 days this is non-refundable to be sent either by bank transfer (please note that it would be an international transfer not domestic). From there,no later than 14 weeks before your booked arrival date we require full balance payment you then have 4 weeks to cancel and your balance will be refunded,after that you will not receive any funds back, again please notify us that it has been sent we will then confirm.


This is how a LAKE EXCLUSIVE booking works at Cherpont...
Please read carefully before you commit. For the person that approaches us regarding the lake exclusive booking if they are good enough to take on the responsibility organising the trip which you wouldn’t be prepared to do!! by way of a fixed price,you should have the decency not to renege on your part of the deal by not coming up with the payments when they are due.
When you choose not to, or bale out of the trip it puts the organiser in an impossible situation as he is then left holding the responsibility of filling the space that you originally said you wanted,and if he cannot,that puts the whole trip including the other parties on said trip in jeopardy(up to 15 other people).Obviously we understand there are some circumstances when you would not be able to uphold the agreement but simply as you now “don’t have the cash” is not good enough.
We think we have a very reasonable payment system for your holiday by way of a deposit and final balance, and even within that arrangement we have been flexible with the organiser!!as these trips are usually booked well in advance this should give you plenty of time to find the necessary funds to make the payments.
So in conclusion when asked by one of your friends if you would like to come on a trip to
Cherpont if there is the slightest doubt you might not be able to 100% commit DON’T put your hand up!!

Lake exclusive bookings can be made with a 50 % deposit from the group organizer the balance 50% would then have to be paid within 10 weeks of arrival date.



• AGREEMENT: This agreement is to provide a holiday at your destination is made between you, the customer and members of your party (if any) and the suppliers of your holiday, Cherpont.

The balance due to Cherpont must be paid in full at least 14 weeks before departure. If the balance due is not received 14 weeks before travel
date, Cherpont reserve the right to cancel your booking.

The completed booking form along with a deposit of £200.00 per person should be returned to Cherpont within 14 days of initial contact. . Please note that if you have a lake exclusive booking this is 50% of the lake exclusive booking price.

The price of your holiday is guaranteed free of price increase and surcharge.

Your holiday will be reserved when we receive your completed booking form and deposit. All bookings and departure dates are confirmed to the person signing the booking form.

Signature on a booking form constitutes acceptance of the contract between you and Cherpont and is accepted by both parties to be subject to the law.

The person signing the booking form is assumed to have full authority of all the people named on the completed booking form and is therefore
deemed as the person responsible by Cherpont for the booking. The person signing the booking form should have read and accepted these terms and conditions. The person signing the booking form is liable for ALL costs and charges on behalf of the party.

We strongly recommend that all parties take out travel / holiday insurance. We will always try our best to accommodate all situations brought about by changes in rules by both French and UK Governments. We will honour customers who have paid their full balances and deposits, and move to another date the same year or for the following year, upon agreement, however if you have only paid your deposit, you will still be required to pay your balance 14 weeks prior to your initial holiday date in order to secure your replacement date.

WE will not be liable for any loss, delay or cancellation resulting from any of the following; WAR, RIOTS, ACTS OF GOD, POLITICAL UNREST, THREAT Of WAR OR TERRORISM, INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES, FIRE, STORM, FLOOD, CLOSURE OF
PORTS, WEATHER CONDITIONS or any other event or circumstances beyond our control.

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