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Carp Fishing Holidays In France At Cherpont Lake

Cherpont Carp Lake
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Large carp fishing in France
Large carp in Carp lake France
Carp lakes in France

Cherpont Lake

For the best carp fishing in France welcome to Etang de Cherpont, one of the friendliest carp fishing lakes in France . Cherpont is set in 65 acres in the rolling hills of the Limousin region in Central Massif France and was created in the early 19th century, giving it a cassini status. Cherpont is a 39-acre, river-fed, mature lake, in a peaceful, secluded setting with tree lined banks and beautiful views of the surrounding hills and country side.
The average weight is 37lbs (2019) and there are around 20 fish over 50lbs and there is a good chance of achieving a PB. A maximum of 15 anglers can fish at any one time and choose from 21 swims – so there is always somewhere to move if you fancy a change of scenery. All swims are easily accessible via a path, the furthest swims can be driven round to. Here at Cherpont we want you to enjoy your carp fishing in France. While you are here please ask us if there is anything we can do to make your stay even better. We have a choice of holiday packages to suit your needs and your budget.


We have an on-site restaurant catering for all your food requirements including vegetarian meals with a good choice during your stay. The all inclusive carp fishing package provides a complete full English breakfast and a two-course evening meal. Times can be flexible to a certain extent but please give plenty of notice, sandwiches at lunchtime  are available on request at extra cost. For your comfort during your stay at Cherpont we have a shower, and toilet facilities that are well maintained.
If you are looking for an all inclusive carp fishing in France this is one of the best carp lakes in France visit Cherpont, France’s best kept secret.

Carp Fishing In France

"All inclusive carp fishing in France"

Do you only do all inclusive carp fishing in France 

No we also can take individual and small group bookings depending on availability.

What do I need to take when carp fishing in France

That would depend on whether its drive and survive or wether it includes accommodation. Here at Cherpont lake it is drive and survive with the added bonus of having a lodge where all your meals are prepared and served.Click here to see our facilities and what we provide.

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